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Yoga Retreat Holidays Guide

Explore our retreats 2020 yoga guide to find a practice that is suitable for you. Choose from vinyasa yoga flow, ashtanga yoga , hatha, Jivamukti, yin yoga, Dynamic. If you are unsure about what yoga style would fit in with your life then please checkout our yoga styles links to learn more. On this website you can find some of the best affordable evolutionary yoga retreat holidays on the planet.

bokk a retreat holiday europeA retreat is a time to relax deeply into your inner being and allow the stresses and stains that have been accumulated to gently rise to the surface of the mind. We at the yoga retreat guide recommend a retreat that is set in nature, where you can hear the sounds of mother earth nourishing your soul. We recommend visiting the Yoga Evolution Retreat Center set in the heart of central Portugal for the best yoga retreat experience.

Why not let everybody know about your next retreat by advertising with the yoga retreat guide. You can add a one week retreat or a whole list of retreats at very reasonable prices. When you list a retreat with us either by month or country listing then we will add your retreat to our yoga styles list giving you even more exposure for free. We have lots of holidays from evolutionary yoga retreats for beginners to more advanced yoga vacations. We do not charge much for you to list an event on the Yoga Retreat Guide and even have the option of a free listing. See our advertise yoga retreat page for more detils.

Spanish Yoga Retreats

Yoga has grown at a phenomenal rate over the last decade with more and more people finding the practices healing and comforting. The ancient systems of practice are still incredibly important today as they were thousands of years ago with the ever increasing  fast pace of life being the major cause of stress related illness. As a human species we have forgotten how to connect to mother earth and how to let the earth be our medicine just as the ancestors did for a very long time. The earth is our mother and if she becomes sick then the people and all of the inhabitants of the planet will also find themselves getting sick. Yoga and meditation and other spiritual practices have always been around for us to show our gratitude to the earth and the universal laws of which we as a collective are governed by. When we find we have become dispirited then this is a clear indication that your vitality and spirit essence has become depleted. Within the body are channels of energy flow need to flow smoothly for us to feel like we are healthy and full of life. These can be termed as meridians or nadi’s and blockages from long hours sat in front of a computer or repetitive movement creates a strain in these channels which leads to tension in the body/mind organism. Find a yoga retreat that does not just try to sell you a load of fancy rooms and crap teachers with no experience or who are unable and disinterested in holding a safe container for you deeply within yourself. Fancy places are easy to find and use a lot of manipulative marketing techniques to get you to buy. When you book a yoga retreat week look deeply into the teacher and the training they have had and above all, how many spaces they have held, forget about the fancy room and put yourself into a space that will create real challenges for you. In any teaching you will see that the big evolutionary changed come when you put yourself out of your comfort zone.
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