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Yin Yoga Teacher Training Guide

yin yoga trainingYin yoga is becoming a fundamental element of any yoga practice in recent years with many people really starting to understand the healthy healing effects on our emotional and physical health. This has led to many types of yin yoga teacher training programs being offered around the world but which one is going to suit your needs when searching for a training course?

What is yin yoga?

The word yin has is origins in the east to describe anything that is the opposite to the fire element or a state called yang. Evolutionary Yoga  Yin allows us to look deeply into ourselves to explore our emotional wellbeing. The state of yin is the observation of our subjective experience during any activity we are undertaking.

How can it be applied in a yoga practice?

Unlike a yang practice which is about creating heat in the body by spending less time in postures and having a much more dynamic flow. Yin yoga allows us to spend more time in postures and focuses on the connective tissue and fascia in to remove tension. When the connective tissue has been released then we can start to allow the bones of the joints to compress which stimulated the synovial fluid of the joints. This allows toxins that have stagnated to be removed and mobility and range of movement to be enhanced.
During a yin yoga practice the whole body benefits through the fascia web being gently stimulated and the tensegrity to be improved. Tensegrity refers to the subtle balance of the connective tissues of the body to maintain balance and weight distribution when performing any physical action.

Finding a yin yoga teacher training course

When searching for a training program to learn how to successfully share the teachings and benefits can be hard as many organisations are offering different types of training that focus on a particular element of yin. When selecting a course it is important to ensure that your training will be comprehensive and include the Chinese medicine meridian theory.

A comprehensive course in Portugal Europe

Evolutionary Yin Yoga Teacher Training based in Portugal offer probably the best training program in the world which incorporated every aspect of yin. From the meridians to fascia and Qigong as well as the shamanic and Chinese medicine information they also have an in-depth look at the fascia. Teaching students in yoga classes how to release the fascia by gentle manipulation of the meridians of the body is a huge part of the practice. Learning the lines of the body is important in any yoga education practice as this becomes the map of tension in a person’s body and allows you to work on the parts that need to heal.

If you would like more information on yoga teacher training then visit Yoga Evolution Retreat to learn about the courses that are on offer. You can also find information on yoga retreats in Europe to help boost your health and wellbeing.

Develop your knowledge on the fundamentals of Yin Yoga by attending a yoga education retreat that will give you a solid foundation in this ancient system of a human beings internal world of experience.

The Yin & Yang theory has been around for thousands of years and is slowly growing back into human consciousness at an alarmingly fast pace. But understanding what the Yin aspect of experience can be quite hard to comprehend for the everyday person. This is why we have setup a Yin training course that uses yoga postures to allow us to experience the true benefits of this system.

Yin refers to our internal experience where as Yang is all outside in our external perception. Yin is our emotional experience and also refers to the sensations in the body and the feelings that we have based on what is being perceived in the outside world. The Yin is the subjective internal dialogue that takes place when we see something that creates either a reaction or a response. A Yin approach to what is being perceived would mean that we are able to take a step back and process how we feel in the moment. Where a more Yang approach would be simply to fly of the handle and react with anger which is not usually very helpful to us in our family and social life.

When we apply this philosophy to our yoga posture practice by spending more time in the position then we get a real sensation and feeling that the body position is really getting deep into the tissue and compressing the joints. Yin yoga is about finding the balance between compression and tension while surrendering and allowing the intensity of the sensation to be present. When we are in each posture we spend a little time observing how the mind is responding by becoming aware of any thoughts that arise from deep within the body. In yoga we see the body as being a universe of stored experiences and when we look at the organs and the emotion they hold then we can understand exactly why.
Our fear is usually related to low kidney chi and when the chi is not flowing the first emotional manifestation can be anxiety. When the liver chi is not flowing freely the emotion is anger and if not dealt with can lead to rage. When the spleen is not functioning correctly then pensiveness and worry manifest. The lungs are related to grief and the heart is related to compassion or a state of peacefulness. At Yoga Evolution Retreats we hold a comprehensive course that will give you a solid foundation in the Yin aspect of Chinese medicine and the different practices. You will learn which sequences affect the different organs and how to unblock the meridians by performing simple Qi Gong movements.

Qi Gong literally means energy work and by performing the simple but very affective sequences you start to release the Facia of the body which then gets the blood moving into that are of the body. As a therapist and yoga teacher we have to have a lot of tools at our disposal and Yin Yoga is one of those tools that can help a person come back from illness and be full of health and vitality.

Author – Retreat Guide Team
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