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What are the 7 Chakras & The Nadis?

what are the 7 chakrasEnergy Vortexes

In yoga classes or yoga retreats we hear a lot of talk about balancing the chakras to help us to feel better. The chakras are known as energy vortexes or energy an energy center which play a vital role in the development of the personality of a human being. It is fundamental to understand the chakras from the point of view of life experience and how we might find them out of balance. Each chakra has an emotional quality to it, and when they are out of balance’ due to trauma or some form of abuse in our lives then it can be very difficult to bring get them firing again.

Physical Qualities

Each chakra governs a particular part of the body and ensures that the organs are fully functioning, hence when we find them out of balance then that part of the body develops health problems. The experiences of life will point towards the problem and then the person can begin to heal the mental, physical issues experienced there.

The Nadis

You cannot talk about the chakras without talking about the nadis as they are the channels that the energy or prana, chi runs through. The nadis distribute energy throughout the whole body and sometimes even top other chakras up if the vital force has become depleted in a chakra.

Let’s look at the Chakras

Muladhara – The Muladhara is based at the bottom of the spine and is about security. This chakra is concerned with food, shelter and warmth. A disturbance here can come from anything that has threatened your security, right from the moment you were born.

Svadhishthana – The Swadhishana is located just 3 inches away from the Mula along the spine. This Chakra is all about seeking pleasure or sexual experiences. It is also the energy center for survival of the species. Any sexual tensions can manifest in the reproductive organs.

Manipura – The Manipura is located on the spine a couple of finger widths below the navel. This is known as the center of power. An imbalance in this one can cause issues with low self esteem and withdrawal from group experiences.

Anahata – The Anahata is located on the spine at the level of the heart and is known as the heart center. This is the center of love, understanding and also when out of balance it manifests as hate or jelousy.

Vishuddhi – This is the throat vortex and is concerned with communication and how we articulate our experience of the other chakras.

Ajna – The Ajni is located in the forehead but is deep inside the brain and is the pineal gland. This is not our intellect but our intuitive awareness. In other words this center picks up on things that the senses cannot.

Sahasrara – The Sahasrara is located on the crown of the head. This is our connection to the spirit world and beyond.

The important thing to remember is that none of the chakras function alone. They are all connected to each other and communicate with each other through the nadis.
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